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These free downloads include documents and data files in common formats.  We will add further resources.  You may require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF files.  If you do not have this software, you can download it free at

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Note to the user:  This is a selected bibliography. If you have any publications to add please email the full reference (Harvard convention) via CONTACT US.
Bibliography of  Namibian Archaeology
11 pages [116 KB]

If you have any publications in pdf format to contribute, please send these as email attachments.
Kinahan John 2005
Holocene human ecology of the Namib Desert: 12 pages [182 KB]
Kinahan & Kinahan 2006
Holocene archaeology of the Awasib-Gorrasis basin:
14 pages [589 KB]
Kinahan JHA & Kinahan J 2009
Archaeology of the 19th century ‘Guano Rage’: 12 pages [512 KB]
Kinahan John 2010
Rock art of /Ui-//aes (Twyfelfontein): 14 pages [620 KB]
Kose & Richter 2007
Prehistory of the Kavango people: 31 pages (scanned article) [665 KB]
Lindholm 2006
Wells as archaeological indicators for livestock herding: 19 pages [473 KB]
Lindholm 2009
The archaeology of livestock herding in the Kalahari: 15 pages [280 KB]
Molin 2006
Twyfelfontein, a rock art site of local significance: 13 pages [373 KB]

The following site distribution maps (see low resolution jpg images below) are based on historical data extracted from the archaeology accessions register of the National Museum of Namibia.  The maps and the accompanying GIS files are intended to reflect regional distribution only, and localities have been degraded to quarter degree squares in order to protect the sites.  Please acknowledge this web site when using the data.


Archaeological sites dating between 1.8 million and 10 000 years

Archaeological sites dating between 10 000 and 2 000 years






Archaeological sites dating to within the last 2 000 years

The main distribution of rock art sites in Namibia