Where the Ancestors speak: a Himba experience
With a folktale recorded & illustrated by Ben Muhonje
Jill Kinahan
Published by the Namibia Archaeological Trust, 2004

ISBN 99916-779-2-5
68 pages, full colour photographs and drawings

Written in a travel diary format, supplemented with beautiful photographs and charming illustrations, this book documents a family experience of living with a Himba community in the dry northwest of Namibia where Jill Kinahan and her archaeologist husband recorded the material remains of Himba culture. Simply but descriptively and honestly written, Jill explores the challenges they faced and lessons learnt in the exchange of cultures, norms and traditions. The book concludes with a Himba folktale that records their belief in the afterlife.

“This is an inspiring book… a short read that is bound to give much food for thought. Powerful stuff.” (The Big Issue, Namibia)