By Command of their Lordships

By Command of their Lordships: The exploration of the Namibian coast by the Royal Navy,  1795-1895
Jill Kinahan
Published by the Namibia Archaeological Trust, 1991

ISBN 99916 707 0 X
216 pages Black & white maps, Admiralty charts, drawings and photographs
Index to place names
Historical chronology

The Royal Navy’s repeated surveys of the southwestern coast of Africa provided a sequence of firsthand descriptions of a dramatic coastline in the officers’ “Remark Books”. These observations, published verbatim, bring to life a period that combined serious scientific work with adventure at sea, gunrunning, feudal hegemonies, suicidal politics, diplomatic wrangling, danger and betrayal.

“…excellent and concise introductions to primary source material, the book [is] much more than a collection of ships’ records.” (The American Neptune)
“This book has clearly involved a great deal of research. [It] could act as a model for others… highly recommended.” (The Northern Mariner)