History of Namibia

A History of Namibia
Marion Wallace, with John Kinahan
Published by Hurst & Company, London; and
Jacana, Johannesburg 2011

ISBN 978-1-84904-091-4 hardback
ISBN 978-1-77009-887-9 paperback

451 pages, with Endnotes and Index
Illustrated with black and white maps and photographs

John Kinahan’s Chapter 1 “From the beginning: The Archaeological Evidence” (pp 15-43) in A History of Namibia aims to provide the general reader with an overview of past archaeological research; the nature of the evidence dating back over the last million years; changes in interpretation, and prospects for the future in the discipline.
The subsequent nine chapters, drawing on archival sources in English and German, form a political history that deals with migration, power, trade, European expansion and colonialism, and the struggle of indigenous people against German and subsequent South African rule. The book concludes with National Independence in 1990.

“The country’s history unfolds from the earliest traceable beginning, as based on archaeological evidence presented by Namibia’s renowned archaeologist John Kinahan. This volume deserves to be a reference book for everyone interested in the history of the country.” Henning Melber, Africa Review of Books
“A comprehensive history which will be essential reading for anyone interested in moving beyond the shallow histories contained in tourist guides … destined to become an instant classic.” Robert Gordon, Professor of Anthropology & African Studies, University of Vermont, USA