Pastoral Nomads of the Central Namib Desert: The people history forgot
John Kinahan
Published by the Namibia Archaeological Trust, 1991;
2nd Edition 2001
ISBN 99916-779-1-7 
167 pages, 4 colour plates
Liberally illustrated with maps, diagrams, drawings and photographs

This book remains unsurpassed for its contribution to Namibian archaeology. The author has uncovered a wealth of archaeological evidence for the development of nomadic pastoralism in the Namib Desert during the last 2000 years. The novel approach pioneered reconstructs a detailed picture of the pastoral economy, its finely tuned ecological strategies, and complex social networks extending to the most remote and waterless parts of the desert. The pastoral nomadic way of life collapsed in the Namib before the advent of colonial rule, and vanished from the scene of recorded history.

John Kinahan “has taken Namibian archaeology in one step from a lingering antiquarianism to the avant-garde.” (Journal of African History)